Pragmatic. Fast. Effective.

Forget everything you know about external consultants, theGROWTHfactory's approach is radically different.

By engaging theGROWTHfactory you will be calling on the assistance of a conscious partner. You will be benefiting from a reliable partner who works in line with tight operational deadlines and measures progress constantly. You will be working closely with a trusted partner who speaks from long-standing, personal experience as an entrepreneur and leader. Above all, you will be assured that this partner is committed to your sales and growth.

Even though in many cases a critical conceptual analysis of your business and vision will be necessary at the beginning of our partnership, we always keep an eye on the feasibility of the operational implementation, the optimization of results and the increase in your company’s value. Through our external perspective we critically, but always purposefully, question issues in order to jointly achieve maximum progress in the development of your company. With our experience and knowledge of your business we identify and provide the matching mix of resources and the required quality of employees that are necessary for your growth journey.

As part of our consulting services we support you both conceptually and operationally. This may be done selectively for a clearly defined project; however, we also support and accompany you in the long term on an interim basis by provisionally taking over tasks in your company (e.g. sales management).

No matter what we do, you will always stay in the driver's seat. When it comes to building up skills in the sales or leadership area, we develop tailored solutions factoring in your individual conditions. In doing so, our Productivity Store helps us draw on tried, tested and proven tools. When procuring capital, we jointly identify the optimal funding solution, provide own capital or bring additional funding partners to the table. And, of course, we make use of our network and business contacts to open up doors and gateways for you that promote the development of your business.

Give us a try! Your growth will profit!




"Within only a few months, theGROWTHfactory has helped us achieve sustainable growth; through their great expertise and existing contacts, in particular, we increased sales and expanded the global partner network even faster than planned."

Dr. Felix Reinshagen, CEO und Co-founder of NaVvis GmbH, München