Growth: the vital factor

You are an investor in innovative high-tech companies looking to maximize the value of your portfolio. You are expecting fast and sustainable growth with great prospects on the world market. However, despite large injections of resources, all this potential still falls flat and commercial success fails to materialize. This because you will only truly open up all your opportunities by being able to successfully commercialize your idea.

As investors and business angels, we have personally encountered many similar situations. However, we are convinced that growth does not automatically emerge from a great business concept, even with a fantastic team behind it and when it is funded with sufficient capital.  From our perspective, growth depends on a crystal-clear strategy, sales success, operational excellence and the finest orchestration of available resources.  And this is exactly what theGROWTHfactory does best.

We transform potential into performance.

theGROWTHfactory provides everything from a single source:


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We are your partner for boosting the performance of your portfolio companies - from providing strategic advice to implementing value-adding measures; from professionalizing your sales to the targeted procurement of capital, employees and resources. We are also actively engaged as co-investors and contribute our own experience as angel investors or help you to prepare your company for the exit. We can be your sparring partner in evaluating business models and support you with due diligence. Together with you and your portfolio companies, we also develop buy-and-build strategies and assist you in their implementation.

theGROWTHfactory is uniquely placed to provide young high-tech businesses with all the services and background expertise needed to quickly and sustainably achieve excellent sales and performance results that will pave the way for them to become international players.

As experienced senior leaders, we understand how to operate the levers of international growth.

Our pool of expert knowledge and our passion for growth originates from the unique experiences we have gained in senior leadership positions at global players (such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco and Booz & Company) and from our own extensive activities as investors, founders and entrepreneurs. Our reliable contacts with potential customers and our first-class global network across Europe, Asia and America, will open up additional opportunities for you to increase the value of your innovation and speed up your entry to market.

Within only a few months, theGROWTHfactory has helped us achieve sustainable growth; through their great expertise and existing contacts, in particular, we increased sales and expanded the global partner network even faster than planned."

Dr. Felix Reinshagen, CEO und Co-founder of NaVvis GmbH, München