Angels Talk with Jürgen Gallmann

VentureCapital Magazin 03/2015 Dr. Carsten Rudolph asks, Angels answer

To take the plunge into self-employment after having worked for Novartis, IBM, Microsoft and Avaya – mostly in top management positions – is not exactly common. Jürgen Gallmann did it nevertheless, and with success: in 2011, he effectively sold visionapp AG, an enterprise founded by himself, to an American software company. Since then, he has committed himself to being a business angel, supporting young businesses with his network, capital and operational advice.

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In Search of Strong Sales Managers 27. Januar 2015 | Sales optimization

expert contribution. Founders usually do not lack ideas and eagerness. And still, the number of viable startups is very small. A major reason for this lies in wrong appointments for sales.

On Sales – the Pariah Position in Startups

From the scientific perspective of personnel and organizational psychology, a startup is a highly interesting flash in the pan: occurring frequently, lighting up explosively... and disappearing as quickly as it developed. In most cases, at least. This makes it easy to study personnel-related and organizational mistakes – as the consequences of these mistakes make their presence felt immediately. Nevertheless, startups fascinate and attract hosts of well-educated and motivated people.

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