360-degree booster for sustainable growth.

Fast and sustainable growth is the vital factor for young, innovative high-tech companies. They have huge potential; yet, we rarely see them achieve major commercial success on the world market.
From our perspective, growth depends on a crystal-clear strategy, sales success, operational excellence and the finest orchestration of available resources.  And this is exactly what theGROWTHfactory does best.

Higher Value.

We help to transform potential into value, thereby increasing the worth of your company.


We will put you on a faster course for sustainable growth.


We deliver results that are exclusively about your growth.

Entrepreneurship, innovative products and services are nothing without sustainable growth. This is exactly the point at which theGROWTHfactory comes in. As external specialists of growth management, we support promising, young high-tech companies (B2B and B2C) from the fields of technology, telecommunications, Internet, media and entertainment (TIME) at all levels to help them transform resources into positive growth outcomes.

In doing so, theGROWTHfactory provides a 360-degree approach from one single point. We provide professional advice, training and coaching services combined with targeted support for the procurement of capital, employees and resources, while focusing on improving your company’s performance and increasing its value.

We are your partner for boosting business performance - from providing strategic advice to implementing value-adding measures; from professionalizing your sales to targeted procurement of capital, employees and resources. Being a one-stop shop for our customers, we pool all growth-related resources and expertise. This has a significantly positive impact on your business development and creates major synergy and speed.

As experienced senior leaders, we understand how to operate the levers of international growth.

We are your partner for boosting business performance - from strategic development or company reorientation, to implementing value-adding measures. We can help you to professionalize your sales, introduce a 'rhythm of business' and shape a culture of high performance.

Our unique and broad experience at national and international level, combined with our reliable contacts with potential customers and our first-class global network across Europe, Asia and America, will open up additional opportunities for you to increase the value of your innovation and speed up your entry to market.

Our Portfolio

When we advise you, our principle aim is to identify the right levers which will help you to quickly reach your goals and swiftly establish sustainable growth. We create a detailed action plan, including implementation cycles organized in practical steps, as well as regular efficiency reviews.
Strategy Sales Operations Leadership Internationalization Corporate culture
  • evaluation
  • scenario simulation
  • reorientation
  • portfolio review
  • competitor analysis
  • benchmarking
  • process and methods
  • management
  • lead generation
  • go-to-market
  • channel mix
  • incentive models
  • process design
  • business rhythm
  • metrics and score cards
  • organizational alignment
  • target systems
  • potential analysis
  • talent management
  • leadership development
  • coaching
  • governance
  • valuation of markets and realizability (market research)
  • readiness check
  • implementation planning
  • market entry
  • company values
  • high-performance culture
  • employee benchmarking

Capital plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable growth. Among other things, we offer support to develop the right funding strategy, provide capital or assist you in sourcing capital and optimizing available liquid funds. We are also there for you if you wish to exit a company or are seeking a buyer.
Funding Financial planning
  • investment strategy
  • identification of capital
  • provision of capital
  • process coaching
  • cost planning
  • liquidity management
  • personnel planning
  • exit preparation

People will play a critical role in your sustainable growth. In the field of staffing we support you in identifying and recruiting the skilled employees and managers – for interim or permanent positions. Through our operational knowledge and decades of experience as 'hiring managers' we have a good eye for finding just the right personnel for the job with regard to expertise, as well as cultural fit and personal suitability. All recommendations are based on extensive screening by theGROWTHfactory and are made by calling upon our global network, depending on the location of the role being filled.
Recruiting Interim staffing
  • strategy
  • process (internal/external)
  • personnel assessment
  • personnel procurement
  • bridging vacancies
  • expert on demand (domain experts)
  • interim management (executives)
  • temporary to permanent

Successful, sustainable growth requires the targeted control of resources and capacities, particularly in the key areas of development, marketing and sales. When it comes to sourcing, we are dedicated to a reasonable balance between permanently engaged arrangements and flexible, external support. By operating in this way, we are able to meet peak demand in a reliable and high-quality fashion, while maintaining a lean and responsive team.
Development resources Marketing resources Sales resources
  • on-shore
  • off-shore
  • near-shore
  • hybrid
  • product marketing
  • marketing communication
  • digital marketing
  • PR
  • sales representatives
  • account managers
  • partner managers
  • online-sales specialists

To reach ambitious growth targets you need highly-developed sales strength and leadership skills. theGROWTHfactory's own Growth Academy enables you to gain all the right knowledge and skills, with our state-of-the-art learning solutions, tailored training and pinpoint coaching. Our sophisticated combination of the latest scientific insights and proven methods, in conjunction with the application of bio and neurological feedback, enables you to shape your strategic perspective and acquire the necessary skills for achieving sustainable growth curves.
Sales Leadership
  • basics of sales
  • smart networking
  • sales management
  • conversation techniques and deal-closing skills
  • leadership insights
  • criteria of excellent corporate governance
  • breakthrough coaching

Our Productivity Store provides you with a variety of field-tested go-to-market concepts, sales tools, productivity tools, contract templates and best practices for achieving peak performance in the marketplace. A brief adaptation to suit the needs of the individual company is usually all that is needed to get going.
Sales / Productivity tools Go-to-market models Best practices Contract templates Management tools